Supplemental Index Ratio

Most professional SEO's / SEM's do not know about the supplemental Google index. However at SEOGenie we know full well what we are doing and how to help you become better.

The Supplemental index is ran by Google to store less important pages so that managing the huge influx of data becomes slightly easier for them. The main index is used to service search results and the supplemental index stores all of your other pages.

There are some tricks to making sure you have any many pages inside the main index which include high PR backlinks, deep backlinks (links to inner pages), and valuable content.
SEOGenie will show you the total pages you have in each index.

from the above image you will see that an easy to follow graphical depiction of how Google is indexing your site.

Historical Supplemental Index

With SEOGenie you can track your effectiveness over time to see how many pages you are able to have indexed inside of Google's main index.

Remember the more pages you have indexed the more traffic you will get. This is an important SEO tip to generating tons of traffic.

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