The summary screen is a quick glance screen that will show you a number of key indicators and metrics without having to sift through the data provided by

Estimate Traffic

In the summary page you will be able to easily see the total estimated traffic you are receiving from search engines based on your current rankings. The data provided here is based on the total monthly volume.

Estimate Cost Per Click

SEOGenie will provide you with an estimation to the value of your SEO campaign. By estimating your traffic SEOGenie can sift through AdWords CPC and estimate what your organic traffic is worth. This shows the true value of your SEO campaign.

Top Ranked Keywords

How many of your keywords have made it to the front page of Google? In the summary section you will be able to easily see this information.

SeoGenie Professional


I do SEM and SEO for a relatively large amount of clients and I love how allowed me to customize each report to provide my clients with the information they need!.

Jason G.,
Creative SEO