Page Rank Tracking

Googles Page Rank (PR) is one of the most important factors for search engine optimization and ranking of your website. The rank defines your importance and authority which is the product of Googles patented technology and algorithm.

SEOGenie allows you to easily track both your home page and inner pages Page Rank with easy. As a SEOGenie professional member you will also have access to historical Page Rank data. SEOGenie also provides you with the date the information was last checked.

Also on this page you will see a link to check the keyword density and all of the SEOGenie Page Rank data can be easily exported via CSV file.

Historical Page Rank Data

There is always a direct correlation between a solid search engine optimization campaign and Page Rank. Typically if you see page rank increasing you will also see other elements increase such as indexed pages and indexed backlinks. Keeping a close eye will allow you to spot trending with your Page Rank.

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I do SEM and SEO for a relatively large amount of clients and I love how allowed me to customize each report to provide my clients with the information they need!.

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