Indexed Page Count

The number of indexed pages will give you an idea of how much the search engines have "spidered" and indexed your page content. The more pages you have indexed the more traffic you will receive. This is a proven search engine optimization concept.

With SEOGenie you can keep a close eye on this particular metric. SEOGenie watches your total indexed page count for both Google and Yahoo.

The indexed page data is shown easily with 2 tabs, one for Google and one for Yahoo. Each result is hyper linked to the search engines indexed page count page so that you can easily double check the integrity of the system data.

Indexed Page History

Watch your indexed page count over time. SEOGenie stores your indexed page information so that your an monitor if the search engines are indexing more or less. SEOGenie provides an easy to view chart to monitor your indexed page data.

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I do SEM and SEO for a relatively large amount of clients and I love how allowed me to customize each report to provide my clients with the information they need!.

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