Competitor Spy

With SEOGenie you can easily track your competitors movements across the search engines. Not only does SEOGenie track the specific SERP data, but you can also analyze each to get an idea of traffic volume they are achieving from their organic rankings.

Compare Competitors

SEOGenie allows you to measure your success against your competitors. Monitor keyword based metric as well as search volume and CPC.

View SERP data across Google, Yahoo, and Bing to get the "eagle eye" advantage over your competitors.

SEOGenie collects an array of data to measure your competitors success (or failures) including:

Monitor Historical Data

SEOGenie provides you with the tools to track the progress of your competition over time. Monitor their movements over time to understand the effectiveness of their search engine optimization campaign.

Competitor Link Spy

Use SEOGenie to effortlessly spy on your competitors backlinks. SEOGenie provides you with access to see the primary links of your competitors, however it doesn't stop there.

With SEOGenie you can also track the Page Rank (PR), anchor text, target URL, and if the link is do-follow of all your competitors backlinks.

By Spying on your competitors backlinks you can easily spot backlink opportunities for yourself.

SeoGenie Professional


I do SEM and SEO for a relatively large amount of clients and I love how allowed me to customize each report to provide my clients with the information they need!.

Jason G.,
Creative SEO