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SEOGenie has one goal . . . to be #1 in SERP monitoring.

SEOGenie is an web based software that helps you track your SERP's (Search Engine Results Page) so that you can keep up to speed with your search engine optimization efforts. By helping you monitor your SERP data you are automating one of the most important processes of your search engine optimization campaign.

As small business and website entrepreneurs continue to explore search engine optimization and the profitability of a fine tuned SEO campaign, managing the results and gauging the effectiveness is more important than ever.

At SEOGenie.com we are committed to the success of search engine optimization campaign and helping you achieve greater results. That's why SEOGenie professional goes beyond SERP monitoring.

SEOGenie will monitor your search engine performance like no one else will.

We are confident that SEOGenie can provide you with the highest level of satisfaction. Our trained SEO staff is here to answer any questions you might they are patient and have years of search engine optimization experience.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us.

SeoGenie Professional


I do SEM and SEO for a relatively large amount of clients and I love how seoGenie.com allowed me to customize each report to provide my clients with the information they need!.

Jason G.,
Creative SEO